This Sector’s vision evolves around the fact of being a contractor classified as a first class in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Such a classification ensures full satisfaction of the customer for the work, by securing distinguished technical team in managing, following up and timely implementation of the projects entrusted to this Sector, within budget allocated to it, commensurate with sector’s wide resources, extensive experience and the wide range of specialized equipment. We employ a highly trained team of skilled, semi-skilled and ordinary technical workers, to implement various projects such as industrial, medical, educational, real estate, administrative and infrastructure services. This is done through specialized sector departments such as Projects Department, Engineering Department, Tenders Department, Procurement and Contracts Department, Planning Department and Cost Control Department.

Contracting sector activities and classification:
Class one: Implementation of industrial, medical, educational, administrative and investment public buildings.
Class one: Maintenance and operation of electromechanical works.
Class four: Road works.
Class four: Water and Sewage works.
Class four: Mechanical and electrical works.
Class four: Dams and electronic works.
Class four: Urban cleaning and waste disposal.

Workforce in this sector
Currently, there are no less than 350 employees and laborers working in the contracting sector, supported by a large number of different machines. The Company is also distinguished by its financial ability to employ and increase the necessary numbers of equipment and manpower required to implement any project, in order to complete the required work on time and with the highest required quality and according to the allocated project budget.