Based on the successes achieved by the founder Sheikh / Saud Mohammad Nasser Al-Arifi, by launching the Scientific and Medical Equipment House as a sole proprietorship Establishment in 1979G in Riyadh, His project was transformed into a limited liability company in 2000G with a capital of 20 million Saudi women, and then into a closed joint stock company in 2016G with a gradual and upward increase in the capital, which currently amounts to 200 million Saudi riyals. The company has posted many major achievements, consolidating its leadership position in the Saudi market, based on an ambitious strategic vision, through which it seeks to provide a wide range of quality solutions and services to the highest standards of efficiency, quality, and perfection. this contributed to a significant increase in its customer base, thanks to the diversification of its scope of work to include other sectors that integrate with its main activity, such as the trade of medical equipment and materials, and maintenance of medical devices, such as contracting. The wide scope of activities includes contracting, operation and maintenance of medical and non-medical projects and the nutrition and catering sector in a way that contributed to the expansion of its portfolio of major investment projects, raising its classification as a first-class contractor in most of its various professional fields of work. The Company become now one of the most prominent suppliers of services, solutions and products in the aforementioned sectors, and the preferred choice for the implementation of medical and scientific projects for both government and private sectors in the Kingdom, with the highest levels of quality and international standards adopted in each of these sectors.

The Scientific and Medical Equipment House is characterized by a comprehensive professional organizational structure, through which the concept of corporate governance is applied in an integrated manner across all its sectors and channels of work. The company also pays great attention to providing safe work environments for all its employees and the communities in which it operates, by ensuring the highest standards of security and safety in all its various activities. The Company also constantly develops a proactive risk management policy, in line with the diversity of risks that could threaten its multiple environments and businesses.

Stemmed from the Company’s Management belief that its human resources are one of its main assets, it works constantly to develop work environments to be attractive to the elite of national competencies, skills and experiences, and in a way that guarantees the rights of all employees at their various professional levels, and support them with integrated training and qualification programs, and an advanced technological infrastructure, to enable them to raise performance and achievement, in pursuit of the Company's strategic goals.

The Company continues to develop its business and projects in the best investment opportunities in all business sectors through which it is active, in a way that enhances the Company's leading position, through which it preserves the interests of all investors, partners and affiliates alike.

The company also owns various stakes in multiple local limited liability companies, which are:
1. Qurqas Pharmaceutical Warehouse Company with a (100%) ownership stake. It operates in the field of drug warehouses and retail sale of medical devices, equipment and supplies. The company owns a 99% stake in Naqa United Pharmaceuticals, whose main activity is in the pharmacies sector, drug warehouses, and wholesale and retail sale of devices, equipment and medical supplies.
2. Ruaa Protection Company with an ownership stake of (100%). Its activities are import, export, wholesale and retail trade of electronic, electrical and mechanical equipment and devices, laundries, incinerators equipment, pumps, generators, spare parts and their maintenance as well as maintenance of specialized medical devices.
3. Nabed Medical Industries Company with an ownership stake of (51%). It is engaged in the manufacture of pacemakers - the manufacture of electrocardiographs - and the manufacture of tubes for catheters, feeding and suction operations, and others.


To be a Saudi leading player in every market and industry we operate in (including operation and maintenance, contracting and construction, catering, medical devices, equipment and supplies, and security and safety), dedicated to growth with quality performance and committed to maximum success, while maintaining our core values in line with the community convenience and security, and rendering all our services professionally to all our clients.

our mission

To provide our clients with unique medical and non-medical solutions, committed to quality performance and maximum success while always maintaining our core values. This effort is in support of the health and safety of all beneficiaries of services from our clients.


  • Integrity.
  • Excellence, quality and effectiveness.
  • Leadership.
  • Teamwork.
  • Community service.